Marco Polo - Video Messenger

Marco Polo - Video Messenger

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Marco Polo - Video Messenger
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📸🎥👩‍💻 One Video is Worth a Thousand Texts! Communicate face-to-face in a private, ad-free space with no interruptions or intrusions. This award-winning video chat app, Marco Polo, makes connecting with your loved ones simple, convenient, and anytime. With Marco Polo, you can send a video and get one back, whether it's a one-on-one conversation or a group chat. Unlike social media platforms, there are no 'likes' or comparisons to keep you hooked. 🚫💔 But what sets Marco Polo apart is its commitment to trust. They monetize responsibly through the Marco Polo Plus subscription plan, which allows them to provide a free service while keeping your data private and ad-free. They hold themselves accountable and regularly measure the impact of their product to ensure it makes people happier. 🙌✅ Choose the version that fits your life! The FREE version of Marco Polo offers unlimited chats and groups, emoji reactions, fun special effects, and the newest feature, Sharecast. With Sharecast, you can send one video to everyone in your circle without the hassle of cross-conversations. Join Marco Polo Plus for a premium experience with features like speed control, background listening, custom and animated emojis, and even 6 Plus Passes to share two months free with your loved ones. 💃🎉 So, whether you're looking for a convenient way to connect with friends and family or want to keep your long-distance relationships strong, Marco Polo is the video chat app for you. ✨📞🌍


  • 📹 Send and receive videos one-on-one or in groups

  • 📲 Continue the conversation on your own schedule

  • 🌐 No ads or interruptions, just a private and ad-free space

  • 💬 Unlimited chats and groups to stay connected with everyone

  • 😄 Emoji reactions and fun special effects to add excitement

  • 🗣️ Sharecast feature to send one video to everyone in your circle

  • 🚀 Marco Polo Plus: 1.5-3x speed control for faster viewing

  • 🎧 Background listening for a multitasking-friendly experience

  • 🎭 Custom and animated emojis to express yourself creatively

  • 🎁 6 Plus Passes to share 2 months free with friends and family


  • 👍 Simple and convenient way to communicate face-to-face

  • 🌟 No interruptions or comparisons like on social media

  • 🔒 Monetizes responsibly to keep your data private

  • 🙌 Holds itself accountable and measures impact regularly

  • 🎉 Free version with unlimited chats and groups available

  • ⏩ Marco Polo Plus offers premium features for an enhanced experience


  • 🔋 Some premium features only available with a paid subscription

  • 💰 Marco Polo Plus subscription can be costly for some users

Marco Polo - Video Messenger

Marco Polo - Video Messenger