Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

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Microsoft Edge: Web Browser
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🌟 Discover the new and improved Microsoft Edge, an app that brings together privacy, productivity, speed, and performance all in one place! With its built-in Bing search engine, you can enjoy enhanced browsing experiences and get comprehensive answers powered by AI. 🚀 ⚡️ Boost your productivity with this web browser that allows you to easily access your favorites and reading list with fewer taps. Plus, Collections lets you organize and save content across your devices seamlessly. 🗂️ 🔎 Powered by AI, Bing provides you with intelligent search results and lets you ask follow-up questions to get exactly what you need. It distills the latest information from the web and even summarizes and cites answers for you! 💡 🛡️ Protect your privacy with Microsoft Edge's security tools including tracking prevention, AdBlock, InPrivate browsing, and InPrivate search. Your sensitive information will be safe and your browsing history will be kept private. ✋ 💰 Enjoy a fantastic shopping experience with built-in tools that save you time and money. Earn rewards as you shop, get cashback, find coupons, compare prices, and get notified of price drops. 🛍️ 🔒 Browse the web privately with InPrivate tabs that won't store your browsing history, and block unwanted ads with the ad blocker feature. Stay secure online and have an uninterrupted browsing experience. 🙅‍♂️ ℹ️ Please note that the shopping feature is currently available only in the United States and a Microsoft account is required. Get Microsoft Edge now and enjoy fast, secure, and efficient browsing while protecting your data! 💪


  • 🌐 Web Browser with Productivity Tools

  • 🔍 Search Engine Powered by AI

  • 🔒 Secure Browsing: Privacy First

  • 💰 Shopping Made Easy: Save Time & Money

  • 🕶️ Browse the Web InPrivate

  • 🚫 Ad Blocker


  • 🚀 Enhanced browsing experience

  • 💡 Comprehensive search results

  • 🛡️ Robust privacy and security features

  • 💰 Money-saving shopping tools

  • 🙅‍♂️ Ad-free browsing


  • 🌍 Limited shopping feature availability

  • 🔒 Microsoft account required for shopping feature

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

Microsoft Edge: Web Browser