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Tangle Master 3D
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Welcome to Tangle Master 3D, the ultimate mind-teasing game with over 100 million players worldwide! 🧠🎉 In this challenging yet incredibly fun brain puzzle game, you'll dive into a world of tangles and knots that will test your problem-solving skills and reflexes. Are you ready to untangle ropes and master the art of sorting them in the right order? With easy-to-play controls and limited moves to complete each level, you'll need to focus on the physics of the game and avoid getting stuck. But fret not, as we have plenty of boosters to help you! 💪🔓

Prepare for a colorful puzzle experience where you'll need to match and sort ropes and pins based on their colors. If you ever find yourself stuck, just use one of our boosters like cutting the rope or exploding the locks to keep the fun going. From two ropes to four, each level will push your puzzle-solving abilities to the limit and crown you as a Tangle Master! 🎲🔗

Whether you're a gaming novice or a seasoned pro, Tangle Master 3D offers hundreds of unique levels, customized features, and special weekend tournaments for you to enjoy. It's time to tease your brain, relax, and dive into this addictive puzzle game like never before. Are you up for the challenge?


  • Over 100 million players worldwide

  • Challenging yet fun brain puzzles

  • Easy-to-play controls

  • Limited moves for each level

  • Colorful rope and pin matching

  • Boosters like cutting rope and exploding locks

  • Hundreds of unique levels

  • Special weekend tournaments


  • Test and improve problem-solving skills

  • Relaxing and enjoyable gameplay

  • Engaging brain-teasing challenges


  • Limited moves may lead to stuck situations

  • Boosters could affect the level of challenge

Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D


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