Pocket Paint: draw and edit!

Pocket Paint: draw and edit!

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Pocket Paint: draw and edit!
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🎨✏️ Pocket Paint is a versatile drawing app that allows you to unleash your creativity on your smartphone! With this app, you can easily edit graphics, images, and photos with a wide range of tools and features. Whether you want to make parts of an image transparent, zoom in to a single pixel level, or create animations and games, Pocket Paint has got you covered. 🖼️🔍 One of the standout features of Pocket Paint is its ability to save images in different formats, including compressed .jpg, lossless .png with transparency, and .ora, which keeps layer information intact. This makes it convenient for both professional artists and casual users. The app also offers layers functionality, allowing you to easily move them up and down, merge them, and create intricate compositions. 💫🖌️ Pocket Paint provides a wide range of tools to enhance your artwork, such as brush, pipette, stamp, circle/ellipse, cropping, flipping, line tool, fill tool, eraser, and many more. You can also import images and graphics with ease, giving you endless possibilities to create unique and stunning visuals. The app supports full-screen drawing, providing an immersive experience for artists of all levels. 🌟😍 With a user-friendly color palette and the option to input RGBa values, Pocket Paint gives you the freedom to experiment and achieve your desired color scheme. You can also spice up your creations with stickers from the Catrobat family images, adding a touch of fun and playfulness to your artwork. 🎉🐱 While Pocket Paint offers a comprehensive set of features, it is important to note that accessing additional stickers requires an internet connection. Moreover, some users have reported occasional bugs, but the development team is actively working on improving the app and encourages users to provide feedback through email or the Discord server. 📬🐞 Pocket Paint is a part of the Catrobat project, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting computational thinking skills among teenagers worldwide. By using Pocket Paint, you not only get a powerful drawing app but also contribute to the mission of fostering creativity and learning in the digital era. 🌍🧠 Unlock your artistic potential and bring your ideas to life with Pocket Paint. Download the app today and embark on a colorful journey of self-expression! 🎨✨


  • Save images as .jpg, .png, or .ora formats 🖼️

  • Layers functionality for advanced composition 🌟

  • Wide range of tools: brush, pipette, stamp, cropping, eraser, and more! 🖌️

  • Import images and graphics effortlessly 📥

  • Full screen drawing for an immersive experience 📱

  • Color palette and RGBa input for precise color selection 🎨

  • Access to stickers from the Catrobat family images 🐱


  • Versatile editing capabilities for graphics, images, and photos ✨

  • Ability to save images in different formats, including lossless with transparency 🖼️

  • Layers functionality allows for complex compositions 🌟

  • Extensive set of tools to enhance artwork 🖌️

  • Import images and graphics with ease 📥

  • User-friendly color palette for intuitive color selection 🎨

  • Stickers from the Catrobat family add a fun and playful element 🐱

  • Part of the Catrobat project promoting computational thinking skills 🌍🧠


  • Accessing additional stickers requires an internet connection 🌐

  • Occasional bugs reported by some users 🐞

Pocket Paint: draw and edit!

Pocket Paint: draw and edit!