Burner: Second Phone Number

Burner: Second Phone Number

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Burner: Second Phone Number
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Ad Hoc Labs, Inc

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Welcome to Burner, the ultimate virtual solution for safeguarding your privacy in a connected world. 🔥 Burner 🔥 empowers you to protect your personal information, maintain boundaries, and communicate on your terms. Whether you're tired of sharing your phone number with everyone, want to block spam calls, or need a disposable number for specific occasions, Burner has you covered!

With Burner, you can create temporary, disposable phone numbers with your choice of area code, send and receive unlimited SMS messages and calls using Wi-Fi or mobile data, and easily manage your communications with organizational tools like color-coded inboxes. Say goodbye to intrusive messages with our spam-blocking feature and set boundaries with the Do Not Disturb function for uninterrupted me-time. Need to dispose of a number? Simply burn it with a tap and start fresh.

Stay connected effortlessly with auto-reply capabilities, never miss important messages with voicemail functionality, and enjoy enhanced communication features like AI voicemail sorting and video messages. Best of all, Burner has been recognized by TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and other reputable sources as a top app for privacy and communication.


  • Create disposable phone numbers

  • Block spam calls and texts

  • Manage communications effortlessly with color-coded inboxes

  • Set boundaries with Do Not Disturb feature

  • Automatically reply to messages when unavailable

  • Never miss important messages with voicemail

  • Enjoy enhanced communication features like video messages

  • Burn and dispose of phone numbers when no longer needed


  • Protects personal information

  • Maintains boundaries and privacy

  • Easy to use and manage communications

  • Disposable numbers for temporary use

  • Recognized by reputable sources as a top privacy app


  • Limited to US and Canada

  • Not available for emergency services

Burner: Second Phone Number

Burner: Second Phone Number