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Securus Mobile

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Securus Mobile
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📱✉️ The Securus Mobile app is a powerful tool for easily setting up and managing incarcerated connection services. With a required update to Android 7.0 or higher, this app provides a range of features to enhance your experience. 🌐💻 Create a Securus Online account to access the app and website. Change your password and 4 digit PIN for added security. Set up security questions for easy password reset. 💡🔒Video Connect® allows you to schedule video sessions with incarcerated individuals from anywhere in the world, sync sessions with your calendar, and receive notifications for upcoming sessions. You can also manage your photos, view transaction history, and test Wi-Fi/cellular connection for optimal video quality. 📞💵 The app offers prepaid calling account management, allowing you to fund your AdvanceConnect account, select call subscriptions, view call details, and block or unblock calls. 💳💬 Additionally, you can use eMessaging™ to send and receive messages, attach photos, and send digital greeting cards. A limited availability feature, Text Connect, enables you to send and receive short text messages.


  • 🌐 Create a Securus Online account

  • 🔒 Change password and 4 digit PIN

  • 💡 Setup security questions for password reset

  • 📞 Enroll in Video Connect for remote video sessions

  • 🌐 Sync sessions with your calendar

  • 💬 Send and receive messages with eMessaging™

  • 🖼️ Attach photos to your messages

  • 🌐 Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection for video quality

  • 🔒 Prepaid calling account management

  • 💳 Fund your AdvanceConnect account

  • 📞 Select call subscriptions

  • 💵 View call details and transaction summary

  • 💳 Securus Debit for various purchases

  • 💬 Text Connect for short text messages


  • 🌟 Easy setup with Securus Online account

  • 🌟 Convenient password management and reset

  • 🌟 Schedule remote video sessions from anywhere

  • 🌟 Sync video session details with your calendar

  • 🌟 Manage and view transaction history

  • 🌟 Attach photos to eMessages

  • 🌟 Test connection for optimal video quality

  • 🌟 Flexible prepaid calling account management

  • 🌟 Block unwanted calls

  • 🌟 Send digital greeting cards with eCards


  • ⚠️ Limited availability of some features

  • ⚠️ Text Connect has limited availability

Securus Mobile

Securus Mobile